About Ninfea Travel

Who are We?

Ninfea Travel is an Egyptian travel agency and an independent subsidiary of Blue Heaven Travel Group. Our unique boutique travel agency is owned and operated by four travel professionals. We are a dedicated team dedicated to working with you to ensure your travels are comfortable. Our team members have many years of experience working with well-known travel companies such as Best Tours, Vera Tour, and Brevivet.

About Us

NINFEA TRAVEL, a young and dynamic Egyptian travel agency, has a well-spread network of governmental entity customers, such as ministries, syndicates, universities, and religious associations, which provides us with a continuous and variable steady flow of clients in both the flight and hotel fields. Our website attracts clients from the USA, Europe, and Asia to acquire our travel packages, Nile Cruises, and day tours. Our travel services cover the Nile Valley and extend to the Red Sea region and the North Coast of Egypt.

Typically, our clients are seeking authentic experiences, rest and relaxation, spending time reconnecting with loved ones, and often re-discovering previously visited destinations and exploring new ones. We created the agency to combine our passion for travel with our desire to assist others in enhancing the value of their travel experiences. It is a business of details. We want to ensure that all aspects of a trip are a good fit for our clients. To that end, we are resolute in totally understanding the goals, objectives, and budgets of our clients and presenting them with multiple alternatives for fun, educational, and relaxing travel. Whether you are planning a short weekend getaway, a week of safari, a week at the beach, a safari, a luxury Nile River or Lake Nasser cruise, a romantic honeymoon, an anniversary, or group or corporate travel, Contact us today!

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to understanding your travel needs and expectations and are motivated to ensure you achieve them. Ninfea Travel is committed to providing unequaled value to our clients by helping them travel well and realize their dreams. We passionately collaborate with our clients in transitioning ideas to creating and evaluating options, ultimately making travel easier and more fun.  We are dedicated to carefully helping our clients organize and plan their travel, always doing our utmost to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To connect people to life-enriching travel experiences.

Ninfea Travel witnessed this first-hand when they began going on tours. They saw the power that travel has to bring people together from varying backgrounds, cultures, countries, and religions and sought to give people across the globe the same great experiences that they had.

Value Statement

Given our commitment to providing unparalleled experience and value to our clients, we remain focused on maintaining very high standards for service quality. We strive to provide quick, decisive, and responsive service. To be honest and forthright in communicating with our clients and suppliers, and to handle our affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We pledge to diligently explore options and to be attentive and inquisitive in understanding our client’s travel needs and goals. We want to ensure that our clients have as much fun planning travel as they do when traveling.

How it works

Get matched with top travel specialists.

Tell us about your ideal trip and the kinds of experiences you’d like to include. We’ll match you with 2-3 reputable, pre-qualified travel specialists who are the best fit for your trip.

Get your trip planned.

Our travel specialist partners will arrange an initial phone consultation or exchange emails with you to better understand your specific interests and vacation preferences. They will compete for your business using their expertise and insights to craft unique itinerary and activity proposals.

Book your custom trip with a guarantee.

You select the travel specialist who impresses you the most. After your itinerary is refined to perfection, book it with the travel specialist, who will then confirm all services and coordinate all logistics, including 24×7 support throughout your trip.

Book with confidence.

Ninfea Travel provides a guarantee against default and fraud.

Share feedback with fellow travelers.

After your trip, we’ll invite you to write a review so you can help other travelers with your candid feedback. Only travelers who have purchased a trip through Ninfea Travel are eligible to share their travel reviews.
We’re an inquisitive team of creative problem solvers, tech wizards, and passionate travelers who work in tandem to bring life-changing touring experiences to the world. We’re proud to be leading the charge in bringing the touring industry online. If you love technology and travel, welcome home.

We offer a diversity of our tourist products, as indicated hereafter:
  • Culture Tourism (complete coverage of all ancient and historical monuments)
  • Recreational Tourism (on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea)
  • Curative Tourism (therapeutics of mineral springs, spas, and white-hot sands)
  • Religious Tourism (Route of the Holy Family to Egypt, Coptic, Islamic relics) 
  • Sports Tourism (surfing, diving, snorkeling, golf, and yachting)
  • Safari Tourism (the mysteries of East and West deserts and oases in camping)
  • Quick Trips and shore Excursions
  • Fantastic and Upholding Nile Cruises
  • Entertainment Programs (highlights in Cairo by night). (sound, light show)

Ninfea Travel offers you the best value for your money. To rely on experience is definitely to rely on honesty, reliability, credibility, and financial stability.

As a reputable tour operator, we advise you to visit our site to acknowledge the comments of our honorable guests. We are proud of their fair judgment on the quality of our services.

This remarkable history of Ninfea Travel reflects the true image of a tour operator, which is obviously different from others.